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Thread: Nokia takes customer service seriously (really?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt View Post
    from the way you say it... i reckon you are drop dead sure...
    yes i am.

    i had enough of bad services in sgp.

    not from noks though cos i really cant be bothered repairing unless it gave up on me during the first 3 months i use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vince123123 View Post
    it could also mean nokias spoil more than samsung.
    of course.
    BUT i choose to believe noks are def more popular than samsung.

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    Default Re: Nokia takes customer service seriously (really?)

    NOKIA serious??

    nah... I gave up on them already. Service sucks and terrible sales service too.

    I actually bought a phone from Nokia Shop and they actually GAVE me a second hand phone. Imagine that. There was SMS inside and there's no way you can tranfer SMS given the current software that they gave us.

    I made a BIG hoo-haa and they tried to explain their case away with lousy explainations. Later, the phone gave me loads of software problems, kept hanging... so I wanted to do a simple software update (flash the ROM with new software, i.e. a basic reset) and they needed 1 whole day to do that.

    Fed-up. After getting the phone back, I sold it off immediately. No more Nokias for me....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeanie View Post
    hp spoilt 3 times in less than a year is call SWAY lor.

    out of 100 hp noks sells, how many % you reckon will spoil 3 times a year?
    ninety eight of them
    “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.” - Adolf Hitler

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    Arrow Re: Nokia takes customer service seriously (really?)

    Well, it is not the first and will not be the last as we've a very pro-business environment here in Singapore.

    I've sent my Nokia N73 for repair a few months ago and it took nearly two weeks to repair it as Nokia Care Centre(NCC) has to order the spare parts from overseas and there is no ready spare parts instock.

    I went to two NCC to have my N73 fixed, Causeway Point and Suntec City. At both NCC while waiting for my number to be called, I witnessed long queue, customers kpkb and all the dramas.

    The NCC and the Nokia Care Line is outsourced and the Nokia Care Line is the most useless entity formed by Nokia, if you ask about your handphone repair status, they'll just key in the tracking number to get your handphone status.

    You can check the status of the repair by keying in your tracking number yourself.

    You cannot call direct to the NCC, Suntec City, Wheelock Place, Causeway Point and Marine parade as the phone numbers are not provided. Even when the NCC staff calls you to inform that your handphone is ready for collection, the call number is not displayed.
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    Default Re: Nokia takes customer service seriously (really?)

    Long long ago gave up on Nokia already...used to be a die-hard Nokia fan in the early days.

    After that, switched to Motorola, Samsung and now SE, never encounter such problems after so many years.

    Now whenever friends asked me for opinion whether to recommend Nokia, I'll just ask them take a walk to any Nokia Service Centre and see for themselves the queue of customers there waiting for servicing everyday. Enough said...the answer is there. Normally they'll get the message.

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