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Thread: Any of you experience any problem with Registerfly?

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    Default Any of you experience any problem with Registerfly?

    My domain name is due to expire, but after renewing, it failed, and now I have problem getting their suppport staffs to reply my complains.

    Now, I'm really fed up, so I made a transfer of domain name to godaddy. But they require an auth code from registerfly, which is listed as empty.

    Now, don't know what to do.. my business is basically put to a halt.

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    Default Re: Any of you experience any problem with Registerfly?

    You got screwed big time. Not the first time I've read the same thing and it's happened to a lot of people all over the world. Don't remember anyone who got into the same situation as you ever managed to recover their domain.

    Only thing you can do is register another domain immediately, setup your site/emails & send the new address to everyone.

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    Default Re: Any of you experience any problem with Registerfly?

    I've got this from another forum.

    Good news!

    It seems that after ICANN decertified RegisterFly, they kept in business by
    reselling domains obtained through another registrar. Once we learned this,
    it took about 15 minutes on the phone with the actual registrar to get our
    domain back.

    I'm sure there are lessons to be learned here, and that there are changes we
    will be making in the future, but for now we are glad to have our email,
    ftp, and website back :>)
    Well, I don't understand a bit on what he's trying to say, but hope it helps. :P

    Here's the background to the above quote.

    The domain name of the company I work for was registered
    through When we went to renew it yesterday, they took
    our money and changed the DNS servers from ours to theirs which now
    point to a cyber squatter website. Using their web interface we
    changed the DNS servers back to the correct entries, but it appears
    that ICANN has decertified RegisterFly, and maybe because of that the
    correction of the DNS servers has not propagated. So now we are
    without email, ftp, or website, and those who go to "our" website see
    a bogus site instead.

    We are attempting an emergency change of registrars to,
    but find that RegisterFly has "locked" our domain, which apparently
    means this nonfunctional company must give permission to let us switch
    registrars. Further complication is that our technical contact is an
    address on our domain, which of course means it is dead. Last, our
    "domain name authorization code" which is required to make any changes
    has been removed by RegisterFly from our management page on their

    I am writing to warn others of this problem (RegisterFly is reported
    to have had around 100,000 domains registered). There is a class
    action lawsuit against them we have learned of. The real issue,
    however is that they have hijacked our domain, and we don't know how
    long it will take to get it back.
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    Default Re: Any of you experience any problem with Registerfly?

    hi guys!

    Thanks for your help.

    After I whois my domain name in, i found out that my registrar is Enom. Registerfly is just a reseller for Enom, and after they parted with Enom, they try to 'consolidate' all the domain names, so it's in quite a big mess. apparently my domain name is still with Enom even until now.
    So yesterday I emailed Enom, and ask them to give me a authorization code, so my domain name can be transferred out from registerfly to godaddy. Today, they emailed me already, and now Enom is in the midst of unlocking my domain. After they do so, I can continue to do the transferring at godaddy side.

    So I just wait and see the progress of Enom unlocking my domain name. Will keep u guys updated, I hope this can help others who is experiencing this same problem.


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