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    Hi, i'm just trying to shoot around when i spotted this. First time thou at shooting flowers. C&C are most welcome. Thanks.

    A few info about the shot:
    F6.3, 1/15, ISO400

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    ah ha! i think the 1/15 killed the picture, isn't sharp enough. However I do like the DOF, great to see many of the similar plants echoing in the background.

    Some luminous noise can be seen too in the background, well for myself sometimes i go and blur them away since they are already blur

    Might want to change the crop abit as the plant seem to become smack right in the middle.

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    thx for the advice. i too felt that the flower is too middle. prehaps should place more to the side.

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    hmmz.. nice work.. but u didn't use a tripod rite?
    haha. for shooting macro flowers..tripod is a must. cause u would want ur flower to be pinsharp. composition is acceptable..but u might want to lean it more into the picture..and capture more bg too.. the dof is good too.


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