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Thread: HELP! kingston 2GB SD error

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    Exclamation HELP! kingston 2GB SD error

    My PC cant seem to be able to read my SD Card that I just bought yesterday. It 1st ask me to reformat my SD Card. I did, using the FAT and FAT32 system. Aft formatting is successfull, I then load it onto my Lumix FX01.

    On lumix, it says that the memory card is corrupted n needs formatting. I then format it (if not it wont work) and took some shots. I then load it onto my pc and it gave the same error as the 1st paragraph.

    Any1 experiencing such problems before?
    Any advice on what I should do?

    Memory Card: Kingston 2GB elite pro SD Card

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    Smile Re: HELP! kingston 2GB SD error

    apparantly its cause of an update on my laptop dat i din noe about.
    updated driver and its working well now..

    thanks for viewing!


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