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Thread: Are you going to opt out of HOTA?

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    good luck to those who who opts out. If they desperately needs an organ when the time comes, can always go china. one of the main sources of human organs there comes from executed prisoners, and no need to wait for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsbn View Post
    I'm absolutely sure that my last surgery bill DID NOT charge me for the use of blood and by 'how many packs'. A relative who had passed away and had me to manage their papers, I definitely did NOT see any extra charges added to 'use of blood' and 'how many mg used' and 'charged'.

    Its probably pure rubbish.

    Seriously, I wonder where u all got all the rumours from. Think its time u guys stay away from those silly coffeeshop gossips.
    Last time, many many years ago, they would "encourage" your relatives to top up the blood bank instead. They wouldn't sell even if you have $$. They need blood, not $$.

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    Ah I don't come into Kopitiam often, 2nd time ventured in here.
    I can tell you that donor families don't get charged for anything related to organ donation, lab tests, extra stay, the donation operation itself. And 99.9% of the time, there's a mechanism to waive off the entire bill for organ donors, out of goodwill for the kind act.

    As for China's executed prisoners' organs and also other countries associated with paid organ donations, India, Pakistan, etc: yup they exist but their relevant authorities are trying their darndest best to clean up the act. With high demand, I'm not sure if it'll ever be eradicated. Saddens me to say this but there are always middlemen waiting to make a good profit, and many more poor countries to whom they can prey upon.
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