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    Went on the last day of the exhibition, took an image of the Mask ..... thick glass reflection, and poor lighting... PS and try out a dummy post card .... plse C & C ...thanks.

    always the Light, .... always.

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    Not a critic but just share what i think i might know and make sense of.

    In the old days where statues as such are built, its artform is very much derived from symmetry. I figured based on the perspective of this image presented that you had various restrictions in your compositing of the subject. I cant really comment further cos i really dunno in which area you are presenting this piece for comments.

    As a post card i think the essense of the symmetry needs to be there. thats about as much as you can do subject wise.

    Hope my comments makes a little sense and helps in someways. =)

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    ur mask is tilted.
    overall as a postcard, not bad.
    watch the unused space, no balance.

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    image of mask is nice, like the lighting
    but composition of postcard and choice of font could be better

    eg: below


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