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    Sorry guys recently got a lot of question to ask... Sorry about it...
    Just got a flash meter (Polaris meter) without manual... There are a clone.. so when to use it or without it when taking a meter reading... There are also lots of function but stil need all the pro here to teach mi... Thanks again.

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    never use Polaris meter b4, but all handheld light meter/ flash meter should be use the same way.

    there is two type of metering method, incident meter reading and reflected reading.

    incident meter reading is you measure the amount of light falls on your subject, so you use the light meter with the dome on, position the dome at the subject, point the dome toward your camera.

    reflected reading is you measure the amount of light reflected from your subject, so you use your light meter without the dome, pointing the sensor at your subjects.

    taking the meter reading is only giving you a reference, how you want to make you final exposure is till depend on you.
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    it is important to note that some filters will reduce that light passing through the lens, into the camera. so you will need to know how much to compensate after reading off the light meter.
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