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Thread: SWATCH FIVB Beach Volley World Tour

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonray View Post
    erm i posted a couple of my pics in the following thread

    These were taken from the middle of the VIP section as i have mentioned in the thread.. cheers and hope that it helps the bros here..
    You were in black? ??

    Too many people already in the afternoon and so many DSLR users.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Montmelo View Post
    Are tickets available at Sentosa itself?
    Yes, can buy there.

    I also didn't know can buy on site until I was there. So I bought my tickets for Friday and Saturday from S.A.M. machines (cut off time 3pm on event day).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComB View Post
    Please tell us if DSLR can be use .I will be going on sunday.Thanks..
    Was there on Friday and Saturday.

    It seemed ok to use DSLR as I saw quite a no. of DSLR shooters around on Saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComB View Post
    Thanks Londonray...
    Isit easy to get tickets there.Per game last for how long ?
    Best of 2 sets.

    So if win first 2 sets, then game over.

    Each set 21 points. Point earned regardless of which side serves. Deuce if score is 20-20 and the first time which leads by 2 points in deuce wins the set.

    If first 2 sets are shared, then 3rd set .... reach 15 points win. Deuce if 14-14.

    Each set roughly takes about 20 minutes. That's why matches are scheduled 1 hour apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonray View Post
    just got back from today's semis... DSLRs are allowed... saw some REALLY big guns in the gallery as well as east-west and VIP stands... 300 F2.8 etc etc... hehe...

    As for VIP stands... i would say that the VIP area definitely gets you close to eye level of the players... too bad, someone beat me to the best (front row) seats in the VIP area this morning... but it was still quite spacious to say the least... esp the east-west galleries as today was scorching hot in the morning till 2pm... so both the DSLRs and the pple were getting baked/BBQed literally...

    There will only be 2 matches tomo... Bronze and Gold medal games... both are china vs brazil... so should be very very exciting to watch... but it's just 2 games... so those thinking of going do take note... and the games start at 3pm... hope that helps...
    I was prepared for the BBQ.

    On Friday when I first time went there, I already brought sun tan/block lotion, wore a cap and sunglasses.

    But my back just below the shoulders now has slight burn because I couldn't reach that part to apply my sun tan/block lotion and I stayed there much longer on Saturday (9.30am-4pm) than Friday (1.30pm-5pm).

    It was really hot.

    Other than being BBQ, also got drenched in the late afternoon rain in the East-West seats too.

    Today is going to be BBQ day again.

    For those who are going to sit on the East-West seats, better bring :
    1) Sun tan/block lotion
    2) Sun glasses (it's glaring strong reflection of light from the sand).
    3) Cap/hat.

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    Source :


    Renata Ribeiro advances to another SWATCH finale for Brazil
    Sentosa, Singapore, May 26, 2007 - Women’s Beach Volleyball powers Brazil and China will vie for the fifth-time for a SWATCH-FIVB World Tour gold medal here Sunday on Siloso Beach, but the entry for the South American country in the finals of the US$200,000 Singapore Open is not as expected.

    Third-seeded Talita Antunes and Renata Ribeiro scored a 21-18 and 21-16 win in 40 minutes over top-seeded Juliana Felisberta Silva and Larissa Franca in 40 minutes to survive the All-Brazilian semi-final match Saturday afternoon to advance to the Singapore Open gold medal match against second-seeded Jie Wang and Jia Tian of China.

    Jie Wang and Jian Tian will be seeking their second-straight SWATCH title this season and fourth FIVB gold medal in the last six events on the international Beach Volleyball circuit after posting a 24-22 and 21-19 win in 51 minutes over Chen Xue and Xi Zhang in an All-Chinese semi-final affair.

    Sunday’s finale will be the eighth meeting between the two teams since the start of the 2006 FIVB season as the Chinese have won four of the previous seven matches, including a 21-18 and 21-14 decision in the finals of the winner’s bracket Friday afternoon.

    Talita and Renata won the first meeting of the season by posting a 24-22 and 21-16 decision in China earlier this month. Jie Wang and Jia Tian rebounded in the Shanghai opener to win three-straight matches to capture the gold medal on Jinshan Beach while the Brazilians settled for the bronze medal.

    Juliana and Larissa had won 14 of the previous SWATCH 16 meetings with Renata and Talita since the start of the 2005 internaitonal season, including 10-straight wins. However, Renata and Talita have now won the last two FIVB meetings starting with a semi-final victory last October in Acapulco.

    "It was hard to play against Juliana and Larissa because all Brazilian teams are very good and we know each other very well,” said the 25-year old Renata, who will be seeking her third SWATCH gold medal with Talita after the Brazilians won back-to-back FIVB titles in 2005 in Greece and Bail. “Talita and I played very well today and our sideouts were very good."

    Talita and Renata benefited earlier Saturday when their scheduled semi-final-qualifying match with fifth-seeded Nila Ann Hakedal and Ingrid Torlen was forfeited. The Norwegians had opened play in the morning with a 22-20 and 21-14 victory over 21st-seeded Merel Mooren and Rebekka Kadijk of the Netherlands, but Torlen could not play the second match against the Brazilians due to a stomach injury.

    Jie Wang and Jia Tian advanced to their sixth SWATCH-FIVB World Tour final by out-lasting Chen Xue and Xi Zhang 24-22 and 21-19 in 51 minutes. It was the ninth win in 11 FIVB meetings for Jie Wang and Jia Tian over their Chinese rivals, including a 21-12 and 32-30 victory in a Shanghai elimination match May 5.

    The head-to-head SWATCH gold medal series between Brazil and China is tied 2-2. Jie Wang and Jie Tian won the previous FIVB title match between the two countries last August in the finals of the Austrian Grand Slam by upsetting Juliana and Larissa in Klagenfurt. Jie Tian was also part of the first China-Brazil gold medal meeting when she and Fei Wang defeated Adriana Behar and Shelda Bede in a 2003 finale in Milan, Italy.

    Talita and Renata, who have a 2-4 mark in SWATCH finales after losing to reigning Olympic and World champions Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh of the United States in the Acapulco gold medal match, will be seeking Brazil’s 77th FIVB title in 151 “open” events. China has captured six previous SWATCH title with Jia Tian being a part of four winning efforts, including two with Fei Wang.

    "I'm very happy with this game,” said the 26-year old Jia Tian after the semi-final win. “My partner and I made quite a few very good blocks and serves. As for tomorrow's game, we have played against Talita and Renata before and we will take it set by set. Playing in Singapore has been a fantastic experience."

    The Singapore Open is the second of four women’s SWATCH-FIVB World Tour events in Asia this season. Korea hosts next week’s event in Seoul with the final women’s international Beach Volleyball event of 2007 being play in Thailand for the second-straight year during the first week of November.

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