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    Want to buy this as an easy carry-around back-up to my D70. Like the ergomics alot. But reviews have said the image quality is suspect even for a 10mp...any tots from peeper who have bot dis?

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    Hi there, after reading n reading review on the internet about IXUS 850IS n P5000. I finally choose P5000 as i was a Coolpix3200 user. But asking James frm T K Fotos for night shots n low lighting conditions F31fd still the best followed by IXUS 850IS. As Nikon has not improved on their night shots technology. But I still give it a try. Results are not too bad coz it has loads of functions. Not too bad for a Noob like me. Exploring the cam seems like a whole new thing to me now. So i'm gonna make full use of this cam to shot some nice pics. cheers. Price is definitely cheaper den Canon. This is really value for MONEY. Imagine 10M @ tis kind of price. wahahaha

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    I feel that a great bonus is that you can use your SB400, SB600 or SB800 that you might have for your D70 with this cam. Even has iTTL.

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    canon compacts are always overpriced. unless it's old models or clearing of old stock, den the price will drop. if not given tt kind of quality, there is other better options. like the p5000 which u have bot, or f31.

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    I had this P5000 tested out last week and I find that the functions are really good. It has got generally all the DSLR has (of course - abit la). The picture quality is good but the AF tends to hunt abit. No problem on that as the significant of it is just by a fragment of afew split seconds compared to other compact like the canon G7.

    Planning to get on for digiscoping... lol

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    10 megapixels doesn't matter as the sensor size is still too small to use ISO1600 and get acceptable signal-to-noise ratios. I considered the Nikon P5000 and Canon G7 but the high ISO performance was unsatisfactory. The small sensor makes the depth of field too large to be usable for the type of compositions I make.

    Still using the Fujifilm F31fd as a daily carry around camera but for really making shallow DoF images I use the Nikon D200. But I obviously can't carry the D200 around daily due to its size and weight, so I'm still going to need a compact


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