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    Hi guys, comments appreciated. Thanks!

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    hi benchmarc.. read the guidelines =) pls do a little write up to explain ur pic?
    can't realli tell if it's troubled or not. it's a slight overexposed and boring composition-wise.
    the waterfall makes a nice bg, but ur focal point shoudn't be right in the middle.
    the rock on the right is a little out of place at the moment. u could either include all of it, or none of it.

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    Hey abt the writeup, oops my bad, paiseh... ok here goes...

    Was at the zoo, of all the photos i took, somehow this had an effect on me. Maybe becoz of the water in the BG. This fella was alone and sitting still which made taking him quite easy.
    Weather was very cloudy, it actually rained quite a bit, so not exactly dark/sunny.
    Av: 5.6 lowest liao
    Tv: 1/60
    ISO: 100

    And yeap, agreed abt the rock on the right hand side...

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    In my PP. i cropped quite a bit, saturated the colours abt +15 and +10 for contrast.

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    Something seemed to had caught his attention. Perhaps zooming out and including that in the scene might help.

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    a little mor space along the eye pointing direction? say 1/5 upright shift of the frame.
    I like the feel of eyes and waterfall


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