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Thread: Why do we shoot? Who do we shoot for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skopio View Post
    dp, aren't all these personal goals? i don't think anyone can safely say "all photographers should/must seek to improve themselves" BUT we can if we want to.

    come to think of it, many people who use PnS to capture candids don't really actively seek to improve themselves. if they take a lousy photo, take again. if it's good, they print it.

    it is your attitude towards photography, whether it is a hobby or just one of the millions things you do now and then, that determines what you can/should/must do.
    Of course I am asking myself the questions.

    What I shoot for and whom I shoot for has nothing to do with you. However, the process in which how we get there is nonetheless very applicable to many. Still not universally applicable, but I feel will be helpful.

    Therefore, let's here it ...
    my portfolio

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    Default Re: Why do we shoot? Who do we shoot for?

    I like the above questions.
    It helps to make me think why I spend so much time
    and money on those equipment.
    Here are some of my personal view.

    Why do we shoot ?

    I shoot because I love it and enjoying doing it.
    Photography is an art and hobby. It gives me a break from my daily work.
    It teaches me to see our environment and the things around me.
    It helps to freeze that moment, and looking through photos, it brings back
    good and bad memories that I treasure.
    I can share photos with friends and people, and show them
    how much I enjoy that trip or that moment.

    Who do we shoot for?

    I shoot for myself and for everybody to enjoy.

    I think there are a lots more, but I will stop here.

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    Default Re: Why do we shoot? Who do we shoot for?

    Why do we shoot?
    Bcos we can.

    Who do we shoot for?
    For anyone who wants to see.
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