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Thread: comments abt canon S30 & IXUS V3

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    Default comments abt canon S30 & IXUS V3

    hi guys,

    i was tinkin of buyin either 1 of tis camare, canon S30 or IXUS V3.
    since is price is abt e same(if im not wrong around, $700-$800)
    any1 hav any comments?

    main purpose is for underwater photography.


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    If mainly for underwater photography, it's a no-brainer. Get the Ixus.

    The underwater casing for S30 does not allow you to switch the camera off (ie it's on all the time), while the one for the ixus will. So your S30 will be burning batteries until the crucial moment you want to take that shot of a lifetime, then the battery will die.


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