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Thread: F31fd Users Outings?

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    Default F31fd Users Outings?

    I got this Fujifilm camera recently.
    Wonder if F31fd owners wanna get together sometimes for photo outings?
    To share knowledge of how to maximise the enjoyment of this wonderful digicam.

    Just thought of starting this thread. Not a leader or organiser.

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    Default Re: F31fd Users Outings?

    F30 user here....dun mind joining in the outings....

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    Default Re: F31fd Users Outings?

    Sound like a good idea! What do you have in mind?

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    Of course you are welcome Zaren.
    I'm not much of an organiser, so uh... gonna ask you guys, you veterans of photography and outings to suggest. Guess will be good if we have more people.

    So up for all Fujifilm F30 or F31fd users!

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    How about today?
    Any F31fd users wanna go out to shoot?
    Am open to suggestions on where to go

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    Default Re: F31fd Users Outings?

    Sounds like a great idea! I jus got F31 not too long ago too... not so familiar with it yet. Would like to get together with other users for an outing and to exchange knowledge too.

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    How about this weekend?
    Saturday or sunday?
    Let me know your preference?
    Also suggestions of where to go will be good


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