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Thread: Coffee Break in Japan, Hamamatsu

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    Quote Originally Posted by richliow View Post
    I like the picture,
    but I dun like the cigarette.

    Smoking kills.
    brings cancer,
    brings sickness,
    brings unhappiness.
    Working kills you faster,
    brings high blood pressure, stress related diseases, and of course, including cancer,
    brings sickness, mental illnesses,
    brings unhappiness when you are rich and realised all that you work for is for nothing...


    When one choose to cook at a BBQ, the toxic gases are equal to 22,000 sticks of cigarettes per evening... so I was wondering... which is worse?

    (Study from Harvard Medical School)... hmm.... I really wonder... maybe should move to the mountains and live among the trees... and no more BBQs...

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    Wah friend, i agree with you man. Sometimes dunno what we work so hard for and heading towards where. But don't think so much la, if not, will be more depress. Life is hard, just got to face it positively. So meanwhile, enjoy while we can and do what we wanna do. At the very least, we got a hobby. Some ppl dun even have a hobby and that is worse.

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