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Thread: What defines as a "Pro" in photography?

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    Originally posted by jsbn
    Hmm... How abt an ameuter who struts around wif Professional-level Equipment and acting like one wif self-admittedly lousy photography unwilling to seek proper advice and suggestions frm others?

    Sad to say, such are the ppl who really damage the image of Photographers, Professionals and Photo Enthusiasts alike.
    My friend why slam the nice people who help the camera companies pay for the R&D expenses to get new features and also contribute enough so that camera and film manufacuters and the whole suppply chain can carry on a business.

    No one forces you to have to listen - or are you having equipment envy? , to them sprout.

    Even amongst those who earn all their daily bread from photography there is a ranking system in terms of ability to produce - labels lilke pro, semi pro, serious amueter , beginner are just words there is no need for you to live the label.

    Waste no time effort on the small stuff..... but ask yourseld what have you new thing have u leant today photographically.

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    Originally posted by sriram
    [When I was at Suntec last week at a conference, I saw this guy with TWO Nikon bodies, one SB28 and another potato masher grip mount flash all mounted on ONE rig he was carrying around... probably custom made. His setup would probably weigh 6+ kgs. Oh, and this guy was also carrying around a ladder. [/B]
    What you saw was the boss man of an outfit that specializes in exhibition phoots. Tough market. Nice guy he will chat if he has the time.

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    This forum is for exchange information and most of us here are trying to make it a healthy society. Those of you who think you are any better, HELP! not ATTACK! others. Careless comments with bold words only refect your ugly side.

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    I would call those photographers at National Geographic pros.. as well as some of our own Clubsnap bros. You can't judge someone by his/her equiptment, everyone has to start somewhere be it with a point n shoot or with a pro SLR n lenses. but IMHO i feel that being interested in photography one should be open to comments/critics given to ones photo and try to improve.

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