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Thread: Bye Bye 3/4 tank into JB

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    Default Bye Bye 3/4 tank into JB

    Hi All,

    Just to share what i juz relized...yesterday(15 March 2003)....Was driving into JB and i saw that the sign board does not show 3/4 tank requirement for cars entering on the way back....with one hand on my steering and the other holding on to my Canon V2 (and surely it pass the test)....and here i caught the photo to share with you people......

    Go to the last link on my tips page....

    Tips on Photography

    All along the needle will be pointing to the third msegment marking. Now its in between the 2nd and third. Hmmm.....this probably explains why there is almost no body to check the fuel guages anymore......

    Maybe all resources gone to the incoming car checks.....

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    yeah, yesterday(14/3/03) nobody check my fuel gauge too! Must be the 100% checks lah!

    The sign has always been like this! I live in Wdlands and cross over to JB everyweek!

    So if daring, go with empty tank to JB, see fuel check then u-turn back!


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