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Thread: how to enable flash exposure bracketing

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    Default how to enable flash exposure bracketing

    Hi, tried using a Sigma EF-500 Super DG. Wanted to try flash exposure bracketing but there was no detailed information available. Could someone help? (Need to use it in half a day's time...)

    First I turned on the FEB mode on the flash and set to +/- 0.5 stops. Then I presume I have to turn on the continuous shooting mode on the EOS300V (I tried single shot mode - obviously only one shot got fired off).

    So I have to depress the shutter release and count 3 shots and then stop shooting, right? I tried holding on for more than 3 shots - the flash kept going on and on. I don't know what kind of bracketing went on after 3 shots though.

    I also read that FEB may need to be re-enabled after 1 round of FEB is done on Sigma EF-500. That means, switching away from "Fb1" mode using the "SET" button, and back to "Fb1"? Need to reset the +/- 0.5 stop setting as well?

    Can someone who knows about the output of EF-500 Super also tell me in general how accurate does the exposure come out to be? Do I have to err on the +0.5 stop flash compensation side, or deliberate underexpose with -0.5 stop most of the time?

    Finally, on the EOS300V, only 0.5 stop increments of compensation is possible, not 1/3 stop. Am I able to get around that and make it do 1/3 stops?

    A lot of questions, hope someone can help. Need to shoot very soon, thanks!
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