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Thread: Dive centres to recommend?

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    Thanks guys.. checked out Orpheus Dives... will prob sign up with them in the next few days if/when my colleague confirms also. Else will go ahead and sign up without her

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    Enjoy the course, and I'll see you in the water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gymrat76 View Post
    Thanks antacid,

    Good info there, will look at the photos during lunch.

    Question though: How is the training offered at Orpheus? Do they have a strong safety culture and stress the fundamentals or the more common, just-get it done with ASAP kind of attitude? Because I really want a place that stresses both these aspects.

    I did get a bad comment from a personal friend of mine on Orpheus.. he had organized a trip with his buddy and when they went out, they just asked them to get in and come back in 45minutes, didn't allocate anyone to show them around. He was quite dissatisfied with the service.

    Heheh, am I being too overcautious or KS over this?
    oh dear, sorry to hear that. maybe can ask your friend to feedback to the shop. i'm sure they take such things seriously. cannot compete on price, must compete on service!

    have a good course, and dont be afraid to ask questions if you're unclear about anything. safety first, but dont forget to have fun!

    since there are so many divers here, maybe we should have a trip or something huh?

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    Its ok lar, it was a couple of years ago. I did mention to the shop just now and they said DM's come and go over the years, and not every DM will be good, but they do take things like that seriously.

    Am quite excited la, will get colleague to confirm with me ASAP then i can go sign up.. maybe can still make it for the next session

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