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    First try after buying the S2. Used with Raynox DCR-250. C&C welcome.Thxs.

    *moderator's note: excess image removed.*
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    u commited a terrible sin and one of ur photos will be removed by ekin. haha. so i better give u a comment for both before he does that.

    the 1st one is interesting.. nice dof play, but if there's a more erm.. prominent subject there den it'll be better cause right now it's like we're all drawn to the focused section, but there's nothing there to hold our interest

    the 2nd one i'm thinkin ur focus isn't accurate, cause it's rather blur and a little underexposed to be honest. i can make out it's a flower and an insect, but it's not all that interesting to hold our attention. needs more contrast or colours

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    please familiarize yourself with the posting guidelines thanks

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    Apologise for the overlook, it didnt cross my mind.
    But thanks nysheng for the comments. I try to work on the focus on that with a subject in mind. Probably if there is a rain drop that is focused sharply than it will be better.

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    Hi, bighead. I would have to agree with nysheng. I can't seem to figure out what your subject is. No need to apologise either. That's what this forum is for. For us to learn and be a better photographer. Keep shooting!


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