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Thread: h20 droplets - newbie here

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    Default h20 droplets - newbie here

    Hi all...a newbie a camera last dec but started doing shoots during the last 4 I think I could still consider myself a newbie (am I right?)

    As it's my first time to share and ask somebody to criticize my shot, please be gentle just joking...I would like to hear some honest comments as to improve my skills...

    Anyway, here is a shot I took about 2wks ago at botanical garden...after the rain stop, I can't help but noticed the water droplets on this plant (or should I say grass)... although I know how to use Photoshop, I decided not too because I really wanted to concentrate on my shooting skills rather than my Photoshop skill. So the image is untouched, taken from my NIkon D80 with 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5DIF-AF Lens and uploaded as it is...Thanks

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    Default Re: h20 droplets - newbie here

    Thats a good thought jerems. You have understood the essence of photography well.

    For a beginner, you seems to have succeeded in gaining knowledge of DOF factors.
    Perhaps you would like to work more on the composition to further draw more impact and viewer's attention.

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    yes..agree wif ryuggen.. nice dof play. but need to work on composition i feel..
    the position of the leaves is a little erm..debatable i would say.
    but overall is a nice and simple shot


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