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    well..furz of all.. nice composition.. like the angles of the lights.
    but, are they all meant to be out of focus? or did u focus on the light at small aperture?

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    i actually focus on the centre lamp... however due to the texture of the lamp is difficult to get a sharp focus on the lamp..

    Thanks for the comments

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    hmmz..i see.. well.. they are fine.. cause the texture works to ur favour actually
    it give a sort of 'motion' feeling that the light is coming from somewhere above

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    it's really nice! i like the yellow frame, complements your photograph.

    i like the slight out of focus foreground! nice nice

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    Gives a feel of playing around with positive and negative spaces.
    Good composition.

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    Nice control of the depth of field. But there is one thing that does bother me a little. The edges of each of the lamp shades on the right seem to be in line with one another. Not too sure if this was intentional. I feel that to make the image stronger, you could have shifted over to the left or right so that those edges don't line up with one another. Somehow my eye keeps going over there, the problem is, is that they all line up. If you look over to the left they don't line up, like the angles of the shades don't line up.

    By having the shades on the right line up, you could have just cropped the image right there. It doesn't help the image, in fact, it hurts it.

    Another thing you could try is maybe rotating the image 180 degrees. Taking the image totally out of context. Try it see what you think.

    That's just my take on your image. Overall I still do like the image.


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