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Thread: Advice on holidaying in Krabi

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    Hi, i will be going to Krabi at the end of May. Those of you who are familiar with the place, can you please recommend some clean hotel accomodation (Budget S$<60 per day), places of interest for sightseeing and some photo shoots and also advise on the dos and dont's while there.

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    I stayed at ao nang beach. you can take a coach from krabi airport there 200 baht per person. accom wise i think it depends on ur level of comfort.. no air con cheaper.. somemore now off peak can't advise which one better . but u can take ur time in the afternoon to walk around to check out dun take the first one offered. tour agents are all over the place.. dun bother to bargain too hard i think they all work for same person price is almost same for all.

    try half day rock climbing! its fun and easy and nice sight.
    i dint get to shoot much tho..

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    rockclimbing is good like paradise
    you might want to bring a wide angle... the scenery is fantastic..
    especially the sun-set
    the only thing bad is it cost as much as the price in sg..
    you might want get your stuff at another town b4 heading down to the cut-throat zone

    can find very good climbers at tonsai... a short scramble up some rock for like 15mins from rialey beach...
    the place is much cheaper than rialey.. but a very rocky beach due to the tsunami
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