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Thread: OLD Camera collecting dust? DONATE it =)

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    Default OLD Camera collecting dust? DONATE it =)

    Have a very old camera in your storeroom collecting dust?

    Don't know what to do with it?

    DONATE it to under-privileged orphans in VIETNAM

    This 27th April, a group of SMU students are embarking to Vietnam for a Community Service project. During this three weeks project, the SMU students will be teaching under-privileged Vietnamese orphans basic photography as part of an educational program.

    The camera you donate will be given to the children at the end of the project. Rather then having your camera collect dust, do good and let it bring a new meaning to someone else's life.


    What kind of camera? Mine is super outdated!

    It doesn't matter. In fact a 2 or 3.2 megapixel is more than fine! We do however prefer digital, as developing film in the orphanage is a problem. An instant preview is much better.

    My camera is faulty/missing parts/no memory card!
    We still welcome your donation. If the fault is not incapacitating (e.g. streaks across LCD or faulty flash), we will still be happy to put it to good use. Missing parts and memory card is not an issue too.

    Where is my camera going at the end?
    We will use it to teach the orphans. At the end of the course, it will be given as a meaningful gift to them. An old camera to you; but a world of meanings to them.

    Who start this project, and how long is it?
    This is a student initiative, and photography is part of the program we're covering. This project spans over three weeks.

    At the end of everything, can I see more of how my donation benefit who?

    Yes of course. We will be launching an exhibition upon completion of this project. We will invite you to the exhibition, which will be at either SMU or National Library (Central).

    Yes, count me in!

    Thank you very much. Reply me here, and leave me a contact. I will contact you shortly. Alternatively you can email me at Or call/sms me at 98234341. Help us spread this message around too!

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    Default Re: OLD Camera collecting dust? DONATE it =)

    Hi again! Received a few queries. Film Camera is fine too!

    Thanks everyone

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    Default Re: OLD Camera collecting dust? DONATE it =)

    Good Initiatives. Upz for you!
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    Default Re: OLD Camera collecting dust? DONATE it =)

    Good initiative! I'm donating my Minolta Dimage X20 - uses 2x AA batteries, so I reckon it'll be more useful compared to those using Li-Ion batteries.

    Everyone, help do your part!

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    Default Re: OLD Camera collecting dust? DONATE it =)

    Email sent.

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    Default Re: OLD Camera collecting dust? DONATE it =)



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