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I thought their behavior are within tolerance.
I absolutely love the duet that is being sung.

DP, the operative word here is "within tolerance" which i would think, refers to your level of tolerance and the harshness you are used to dishing out.

This is not the same level of tolerance enjoyed by one and all. As far as I remember, your level of tolerance isn't universally accepted. If you deem that I have been too harsh, then tough. I recall you encourage people to be honest.

I do not see what I could have done wrong if I chose to be honest and state my views on the harshness of the critiques. Am I not following your ideals of honesty? Doesn't this smack of the rhetoric we have heard from you before? From a person who has little tolerance for badly taken pictures with messy hair, one would expect you understand my lack of tolerance towards those with little or no EQ.

Semantics aside, I really have no wish to flog this dead horse over and over and over again. I have a duty to do and I know i try my utmost to be as diligent and honest as I can be when dealing with every member of this forum.

If you think this warrants further discussion, PM me. I have no wish to continue such a pointless exercise in public.