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Thread: Which f stop with Extension Tubes

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    Default Which f stop with Extension Tubes

    Contemplating to get a set of extension tubes to use with my 75-300mm. I read somwhere that extension tubes will reduce light hitting the cmos by 1-3 stops. Does that mean that

    i/ if i set f5.6 in the camera the amount of light hitting the cmos is actually f8 (assuming 1 stop lost)

    ii/ what aperture should i use if i know the sweet spot for my lense is f11? Do I set f11 in the camera? or f8 (since amount of light hitting cmos will be f11)

    thanks guys....

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    no. most extension tube + camera system can detect the presence of the extension tube, so you should get f8 on the camera. if you want to test, just select the biggest aperture you can get on the camera. if the biggest is 8, you know that the camera has compensated for the tubes.


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