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Thread: Magnum Photos - 2007 Portfolio Submission and Review

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    Default Magnum Photos - 2007 Portfolio Submission and Review

    From the Magnum Photos website:

    "Magnum Photos is a co-operative owned and run by its members/photographers. They meet once a year during the last weekend in June to discuss the organizationís affairs. One day of the meeting is set aside for looking at and voting on potential new members' portfolios.

    Successful applicants will be invited to become a "Nominee", a category of membership which presents an opportunity for Magnum and the individual to get to know each other. At this stage there are no binding commitments on either side.

    The next meeting will be held in New York in June 2007.

    Photographers based in the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East who wish to be considered should get their portfolios to Magnum Photosí London office. Please email magnum[at] if you have any further queries. Do note that Magnum London is only considering digital submissions in the first instance. Prints and other supporting material may be required at a later stage.

    Please note that these are provisional details and are liable to change. Please phone or e-mail Magnum nearer the time to check dates.

    We regret that due to confidentiality reasons, Magnum cannot give out personal information regarding our photographers, nor can we enter into correspondence regarding any decision made about Nomineeship.

    Form of Submission:

    The preferred format for submission is digital, however if the photographer has no access to this format, other forms of submission would be accepted.


    - Up to 80 images can be submitted digitally.

    - Images should be submitted on a CD-ROM as JPEG files with compression 8-10.

    - The resolution should be 72 dpi and the maximum size of each image should not exceed 700 x 950 pixels.

    - Your images should be numbered in the order that you wish them to be presented, with the number coming first in the file name (to ensure the correct sequence use two digits, example: 01, 02, 03) and then your last name. F.ex. 01Smith, 02Smith, 03Smith etc. - Please do not use any spacing in the name.

    - Please test the CD before you send it to us and be sure to label it with your name and contact details.

    - If your portfolio does not meet these requirements, it will not be considered.

    There are no such restrictions for submitting books, photographs or portfolios. However, your editing skills will be deemed as important as your ability to photograph so please bear this in mind when refining your submission.

    Please also include a printed copy of your biography, artist statement or project description as well as list of captions to accompany your images.

    Deadline: May 20, 2007 (at Magnum, not the postmark date)

    Magnum Photos Ltd./ Portfolio Review
    63 Gee Street
    London EC1V 3RS
    United Kingdom

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    Default Re: Magnum Photos - 2007 Portfolio Submission and Review

    a push.
    You'll Never Walk Alone! - i have the best job in the world!

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    for magnum...1 of the best photo publications ever. those guys are really good.

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    so who's submitting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scenar View Post
    so who's submitting?
    NOT me.


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