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Thread: Panasonic Digital Mini DV Cam for sale

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    Default Panasonic Digital Mini DV Cam for sale

    A couple of months old Panasonic NV-GS5 Video Cam for sale. Compact size. Under warranty, if remember correctly also have extended warranty from Courts. Seldom used. Keep in dry box. Will throw in 2 SD Cards (one 8MB & one 64MB) with purchase. And also some Mini DV tapes. Extra long hour battery will be given away too. Box, manual and bags and all standard items will be in the package. Asking for $1350.Best price. DUn think can/will go down any lower.
    Please call 97441135. (Serious buyer only)

    p/s:Moderators, please dun move this thread to some Kopitiam cause no ones sees it there...A video cam is just like captures images....It deserves to be in here...
    Thank you.

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    I'm sorry and I disagree that 'no one' sees it there. I wish you success in finding a genuine buyer. Given it's non-photography related (as mentioned in the guidelines the thread is hereby moved to Kopitiam.

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    This is not for questioning authority decision, just wondering, what photography means?

    Is photography equipment means all item related to capturing a still image?

    Nowadays, some video camera is able to capture a still image.

    IMHO if that device is able to capture a still image then that device has rights to be in Buy & Sell corner.

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    I agree that video cam should be part of photography. Video is just a combination of many still frames moving at high speeds.

    videography and photography are similar.

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    aikidoka/kho king,
    thanx for sharing my sentiments...cause i personally feel that it should be in the buy/sell cause i am selling a photography stuff...anyway, its the moderators to live with it...hope to find a buyer here soon....

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    i looked at the website and the model is not listed though there is a NV-GS50. Do you have a link to the specs of the model you're selling?

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    Hi Erwinx, the product can be found here....

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    A samurai sword can cut and orange.. so can a kitchen knife. Does this mean u will bring a kitchen kinfe to war or keep a sword in ur kithen to cut vege.? THINK!

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    Guys, this thread is about me trying to sell my video cam, so please....keep the OT subjects out....and also, those who wants to cut themself with whatever sword or knife, please do it elsewhere....dun disturb my thread...THANK YOU...


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