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Thread: help on choosing a suitable camera

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    Default help on choosing a suitable camera

    I have been using my old Sony digital camera for quite time and i find that the image quality is not good and nightshot is too dark. I decided to have change. Just cannot make up my mind which digital camera to buy. It seem that each brand have its pros and cons.

    I looking for digital camera for traveling purpose and for night shot. I am considering Panasonic DMC-FZ8. And also Fujifilm especially the F31 which have quite a number of good review on it. Hope the seniors or experts can give me some advise and tips in which brand or model to get. Just for your info i am not looking for DSLR camera.


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    Which camera are you using right now? Nightshot sounds like F717 or F828.. Or is it V3?

    What do you mean by night shots - with tripod or?

    If you are talking about handheld night shots, where you probably would need to bump up ISO or at least use flash, note that Panny cameras usually have a problem of overt noise reduction. Am not so sure about the FZ8 as it is new. Do you need the 12x zoom? These are questions you need to ask yourself when you are considering any camera.

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    That is my first digital camera. It is outdated. Sony DSC-P9. It had been for more than 5 yrs.

    Just wanting to get a new one. The technology is moving so fast that i am unsure which brand to get. As for night shot, i know it is best to mount on a tripod to take. If taking a night shoot without it, can it be done.

    My friend recommend me taking a panasonic tz3 or fz8. But there is review that pana have noise issue. Just want to make sure i will not regret in getting it.

    Any advise?

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    Default Re: help on choosing a suitable camera

    perhaps this may interest you..

    there was a thread on this hp night shots.. very impressive ones.. perhaps some 1 can find e link again..

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    Default Re: help on choosing a suitable camera

    fuji F31.

    hp is very highly regarded in states..but somehow it just doesn't sell here.
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