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Thread: Stupid SingNet!

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    Default Stupid SingNet!

    SingNet classified is a place I like to visit to buy and sell some 2nd hand stuff, especially photo equipement. I used to be able to post ads with a free lycosasia email account. Since the closedown of lycosasia, I can only read but not to post. But that's fine because there are other places.

    I just find out that SingNet classified is no more accessible for those without SingNet account. They claim they got 50k ads per months and think they can take advantage of that to force people to join them. But they are wrong. With this new policy, there will be less viewers and thus less successful transactions. Those subscribers/advertisers will suffer. SingNet won't achieve what they wanted.

    No one will win. Is that stupid?

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    Default !

    another online provider tried to pull this stunt in the past by making pple pay per post...but that failed horribly and they went back to making it free as the posts dropped drastically...however it never recovered despite reversion to being free, simply because pple no longer bother going there....
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    wat had this got to do with buy & sell??

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    I have been trying to access the website for the past 2 hours but seems to have some errors.

    Hopefully other online classified or auction websites don't follow SingNet.

    Seems that SingNet users also have to pay $0.83 if they want to place 'premium' ads.

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    just a reminder, pls becareful with ur headings, u may get sue by singnet on what u have mention, i mean ur thread title. I remember a case year back on Hardwarezone forum, where a guys post something like that on SCV cable, ended up having to apologies publicly in the forum for what he had said, or else face the consequnece of being sue by SCV. Jus hope u r more careful with ur words use, better to cover our ass then to get fire by them,,haha..

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    Problem solved!

    It does not matter whether SingNet heard us or realized it themselves.

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    solved meh? still see that u can only post 2 per week or must pay

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    Actually I think this is a pretty good compromise. I was getting sick of wading through all the spam advertisements when looking for new Canon stuff for sale (like this guy trying to sell a faulty Canon typewriter for the last few aeons). The spammers get locked out, but genuine sellers can still post.


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