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Thread: Bikini-clad women spread 'Go Vegetarian' message in Orchard Rd

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    Originally posted by Giantnookie
    so are meat eaters depriving carnivorous animals of their food?

    And all human race are depriving omnivorous animals of their food?
    My friend's reply: "Human's r the rulers of the planet earth, so heck care the rest of the animals. Survival of the fittest. (Jungle tok)"

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    Originally posted by Jason Ho
    lettuce bikinis..hmm I wonder whats next.
    Eddible Pink Slips? or Eddible pay checks? Singpore need to recycle.....

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    should try being vegetarians... makes u feel livellier and a bit more happy that u never ate something that once was running ard and had a family. hehe

    i starting out with being a vegetarian every friday and will slowly progress on to everyday. HEY ! rome was not built in a day.

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