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    why not use your video cam?

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    Thanks alot for all your comments. Btw, I managed to convince my friend to loan me his d70s. So money is saved.

    Regarding the sweden trip, i will be at stockholm for the first few days, have yet to look for accomodation. and for the next 3 weeks, i'll be in Jonkoping University. the sch coordinator will make housing reservations for us, however i have not recieve any information yet, most probably next week. so i have no idea where i will be staying.

    and maybe for the last few days, i will most probably visit goteborg. or you guys have other suggestions? btw, is the car rental cheap?

    Car rental at Hertz is the cheapest in Jonkoping. Ask for a student price they have special discounts for students. If you want to travel within Sweden and you can find a couple of people to share the cost of car rental it'll work out cheaper and much more enjoyable than if you take a bus. Be warned though, that parking in Sweden isn't cheap so make sure you have somewhere cheap/free to park.

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