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Thread: Offensive videos in YouTube

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    Default Offensive videos in YouTube

    Recently some videos were uploaded in YouTube.
    They were aimed at royalty of a particular Asian country.
    It seems all of the offensive videos originated from the West.

    The videos are crude and low class.

    And the spurt was supposed to be caused by the jailing of a Swiss man.

    Some say it is about freedom of speech.
    Some say it is about gross punishment that exceeds the Swiss man's Lese Majeste act.
    Some even have conspiracy theories, that it was engineered by the present junta, so that YouTube will be blocked. Because recently, the properly-elected-prime-minister whom the junta deposed by military force, has been uploading videos to reach out to that country's citizens. The idea is to create an excuse to block off YouTube so that the former prime minister's video talks cannot reach the citizens of that country.

    One observation.
    It may be the West's anger that an Asian nation had the temerity to jail a European. And the West want to show their might through cyberspace.

    It does remind us of the historical event when European powers extracted Hong Kong from China for 100 years after an upright official burnt the opium that was trafficked into China by the Western powers at that time.

    I surmise that if the Michael Fay affair had happened now, Singapore's leaders will likewise be the target of offensive videos in YouTube, planted by Western users.

    There is a way to resolve this.
    Google being the owner of YouTube can EXPOSE the identities of the people who uploaded these videos, give their names, photos, where they stay, where they work, which country they come from, etc....

    If not openly, then at least to Interpol or perhaps the government of the country whose royalty is attacked by the videos.

    Then leave it to them to follow up.
    The country's incensed citizens will know what to do with the uploaders of those videos. The latter need not visit the country to feel the consequences. The affected country's citizens will go and look for them in their home country. And deal with the problem appropriately.

    By doing this, Google will be able to let users of YouTube self-regulate.

    Can you imagine what would happen if some idiot posted similar videos that are just as offensive to a certain religion which has a penchant for suicide bombers; and is well known for declaring death penalty on authors (ask Salman Rushdie).
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    Default Re: Offensive videos in YouTube

    And what are they supposed to do? Your citizens and royalties?

    Lynch the people? At most take legal action, which would in the first place force Google to reveal identity sooner or later.

    Here's a quote from the Sandman series which would best describe my view on the situation you have described:

    It has always been the prerogative of children and half-wits to point out that the emperor has no clothes. But the half-wit remains a half- wit, and the emperor remains an emperor.

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    Default Re: Offensive videos in YouTube

    Culture has to evolve. If you are offended, don't view it. Sometimes, too much "mutual respect" can slowly smack of reverse imperialism.
    We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities. - Oscar Wilde

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    Default Re: Offensive videos in YouTube

    Thailand is not the only country that has laws for this kind of behaviour against their own rulers........

    To see this as if Thailand is the only one is a misconception.

    They guy was drunk, should have been treated as an 'insanity case'......:-)


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    Default Re: Offensive videos in YouTube

    i say take the videos with a pinch of salt.

    people too jumpy, thats what causes wars.

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    Default Re: Offensive videos in YouTube

    Stooping down to the level of idiots makes you an idiot.

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    Default Re: Offensive videos in YouTube

    The ideas as advocated by the TS is not only pathetic, it's damn racist. Very sad day indeed.
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    Oh please...... the Thai King is just a human like everyone else, I respect him yes for the good work he has done for his people and not living the high life that his position gives him. However end of the day he is human, and frankly I dont think he really gives a hoot about the swiss guy or the you tube incident... he has more serious things like the poor in the North of the country to worry about. It is fanatic people that blow the whole thing up and the Military Junta who wants to create more news..... So many Americans post stuff that "insult" their president and magazines even write that Bush is a monkey.... so what about them? Racisim towards own race???


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