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wow! thks for all the advice..hmm..the dry box looks cool indeed, but not so pocket-friendly for me now.. almost emptied my savings juz to pay for my dslr which i bought specially for the trip! so dun worry tt i wun make sure of it! but..pardon my newbie/idoitic qns here, does it mean tt if i use it regular, fungus wun grow tt easily? haha! sorry..first time owning a dslr..

hmm..as for Yosemite, dun think i ll visit it.. since i wld hv spent 2mths at yellowstone by then already..haha..but niagara falls shd be part of my itinerary..and i ll of cos avoid exposing my camera near the falls!
i'm going up to the niagara in may and probably do a month long drive around after that.. if there's no hurry i'll let you know the weather conditions further up.

in atlanta its already dry enough for me actually.. if you go up north i dont expect it to be any where more humid as compared to florida/miami/coastal areas..