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Thread: Which One Nicer?

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    Smile Which One Nicer?

    Photo A

    Photo B

    It's supposingly the same compostition (but slightly off coz i had to reframe it as it's spot focusing) but different focal point. anyway, which one works for you?

    Thanks in advance!

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    the 2nd one. becoz more of it is in focus. anyway great details. i feel hungry already.

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    yeah, i feel the 2nd one looks better, the bokeh on the first is alittle too much, i think a simple background would be great too.

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    agree... 2nd one is better... agree totally wif hacknet
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    To be honest, i don't like either. Firstly because it is not very intuitive that it is a "chocolate cake" of some sort. Yes, food photography don't always need to capture the whole dish itself, but in this case it would be better if we can see the sides of the cake to have some "volume" to the product. I like the lighting though.


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