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Funny another fellow come here and get all personal.... well let's just say I have seen enough cars fold up into tin cans to say that YES japanese cars fold up..... Strange why you all taking it so personally... can only conclude 3 things....

1) Got bad day at work, kanna f by boss, kanna f by wife or gf, kanna play out by friend, so come here and trash it out at others...

2) Own a Japanese car and now feeling so insecure.... "damn should have bought a bloody continental car!!"

3) Friends of Mr Lee??

Hello here is kopitiam.... in case you have been lost in the mountains somewhere.... almost all the threads are talk **** say song.... wah lau take it so seriously.... grow up lah....Oh forgot to add? Mr Mervn and Mr Terence best buddies? Best Mates?? So Mr Mervn come echo everything Mr Terence says... haha haha
I asked for facts, not personal opinions.

Yes, it's kopitiam, but please read the 2nd line of my first post here.

Well, I guess you are under the influence of situation number 1) as stated by you.

Mind you, please read http://clubsnap.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63921, especially clauses 1, 5, 6 and 7.