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Thread: Tokina macro or Tamron macro?

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    Default Tokina macro or Tamron macro?

    interested in getting a marco lens but have no idea which one to get and also love to see some pic taken by this two lens. can any one shed some light?

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    Default Re: tokina macro or tamron macro?

    have not tried any tokina macro but the tamron 90mm is a good macro which dun cost much.
    apart from the plastic body and slow af, macro reproduction is good. am sure u can find lots of pics on the forum from this lens.

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    Default Re: tokina macro or tamron macro?

    Most will agree that the Tamron 90mm is seriously a good buy, producing decent sharp images.
    You won't go wrong with it.

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    Default Re: tokina macro or tamron macro?

    If you so wish to view tokina macro. There are some macro i took awhile back using this lens : the IR shots, most are taken using the Tokina 100, there are also some other shots in my recent galleries taken with the lens, with the Fashion Show being one of them)

    Both are generally good lenses. Most people tend to overlook the Tokina 100mm. Or maybe its other sibling the Sigma 105.
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