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Thread: Christmas Island buddy invite

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    Default Christmas Island buddy invite

    M planning for a trip to Christmas island during May/June period but need another buddy who can drive.

    More details on the trip can be found here

    Probably around 1.5-1.6k 8Days.

    Target: Born Free

    Max people= 4

    Breeding info
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    love to join you...but to xmas island is like...ermmm for me.........

    anyway...hope you enjoy yourself there and take care.

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    Up for your trip! I've been to Christmas Island before and it's quite a different experience. I enjoyed the semi-kampong and seaside views. What's more, the food was fantastic! And all the little crabs crawling all over the place. Just great fun.

    I'm a new driver unfortunately, and won't do much good to your party.

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    Christmas Island is simply fantastic. I went there many years ago and if you want to see the red crabs, December will be the time to go! You will likely not see any of these crabs in June.

    The people there are real friendly too, i remembered ordering a pizza (just me and my friend) and the Aussie owner gave us another one for free and we spend the whole evening there chatting about everything with the islanders.

    They have caves and waterfalls there with crystal clear waters and is a must to visit!
    It will be good to drive, you can cover almost the whole island. Good luck!

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    yes dun xpect anything spectacular less the wildlife n folks there. simple is the way to go. get to see and experience more.

    n jeff likes to trek so be prepared too.

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