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Thread: Perhentian Sunset

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    Default Perhentian Sunset

    Nikon AFS 24-85, F100, Apecture Priority F16, Dynamic Focus

    A good place for diving !!

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    would a circ polariser improve the image? esp the reflections off the water?

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    depends ... i did not use polarizer here ... am using naked lens

    polarizer come into effect when the disperse of lights from the sun are much more ... here the disperse of light is not even 3/4 here ... so may not be good ...

    however, it is still okay for polarizer to be used ; maybe a bit darker but the saturation will be noticable. actually, it all depends on your style and how you want to picture it.

    also i did not buy a polarizer for my AFS lens
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    the 1st pic is a keeper, nice composition, gives me a surreal feel.

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    Originally posted by blizzy
    would a circ polariser improve the image? esp the reflections off the water?
    I doubt so. The reflections are an important part of the image, without them, all you see would be a dark patch of water.

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    1st pic is very nice, very good use of the rules of third.
    while second shot can be improve, i remember for that type of picture, best is to have some sort of "path" that leads you into the picture.

    I not expert hor, just sharing my view.
    me also newbie.
    always newbie
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    Did you stay at Coral View Resort?

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    Originally posted by Tony K
    Did you stay at Coral View Resort?


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