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    Talking Old stuff.

    hey everyone here's another crappy photo by me, taken in fort canning a while back. i was just experimenting so didnt exactly think of what i was trying to achieve w this photo. just would like your honest c&c (c&c3 is out !) about this so i can improve. the photo was scanned at some kodak shop near my home, and is unedited.


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    the tree's too underexposed at least for the top left corner
    and the sky's too overexposed

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    sorry to off topic.. how do you attach pictures? i can't do it
    :cool: D90, AFS 18-55mm

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    hmm you need to upload photos (i use photobucket), and when you post, look for one of the little buttons w the mountain, tt's the insert photo button. paste the url of your photo in and voila.

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    oh, e black area there (the underexposed left) was intentional, is tt not good?

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    Horizon is also tilted. Which detracts from the picture's effect. Esp for scenery shots.

    Under-exposure on the left and the over-exposure on the right kills this pic immediately. To balance off, you'd need a grad ND filter and expose for the left side. Well, keep trying.


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