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    hi just a newbie 2 cents comment...

    concept is there...but then the raindrop did not actually stood out from the pictures...then i think the color circles actually took the attention away from the water on the window ...

    that's all....but overall good concept....

    keep alive...and shooting...
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    hey, i really like your style especially the first one. simple but superb.
    the "blood sin" series is nice also. same style.

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    I like the second and third one

    the second looks more "rain" than the first, I can see the pattern of water lines created by rain. The color is simple and it highlights the water. While in the third, the color dots (from far behind lights if i'm not wrong) add spice for the BW photo. I agree that the attention is kind of stolen away from the water, but they makes the photo more vivid, more life.

    I like ur signature too in the photo too, very neat

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    thanks for your comments guys.. :-)


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