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Thread: Excellent MBA casestudy:FF vs Non-FF

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    Default Excellent MBA casestudy:FF vs Non-FF

    Quite heavy stuff to be reading at 2am when I hv to get up 5 hours later but I can't sleep. Very interesting read any of u MBAs or PhD contributed view over there too?

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    You know, the problem with dpreview forum threads is that usually to get yourself up to date with a thread, you could well be out there working to earn enough money to buy the photographic equipment of your dreams.

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    I am one who owns no 'glass' at the present moment but about to make the plunge in DSLRs. Therefore u would see why this thread is so relevant to me.

    Also it crossed my mind that prosumers would be a more intelligent upgrade for me rather than a DSLRs.

    And so therefore, I am here typing away, rather than goin out in my job to make more sales, and earn more... perhaps u have a point there too!


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