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Thread: Close-up Filter options for a 67mm Lens

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    Default Close-up Filter options for a 67mm Lens

    Need to find out what are the available CU filter options for a 18-135 lens (67mm).

    A 500D is out as I don't think there's enough magnification to be achieved.

    A 250D would should best I think. However, it seems it comes only in 52 and 58mm. Is it possible to use a step-up ring? Will the edges be lost since the filter is smaller than the diameter of the lens?

    Any other options(brands) that provide the same quality as a 250D that comes in 67mm?

    Appreciate your inputs, Thanks!

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    Default Re: Close-up Filter options for a 67mm Lens

    58mm is more than enough... since you using a zoom lens, most probably you will be zooming to the tele end for higher magnification and this will solve the vignette problem


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