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    Had a Chance to visit the flower show in HK which is being held every year, though it was a gloomy day & it was drizzling i still went coz i wanted to test my MF lenses BUT to my dismay i brought the wrong M42 adaptor which was for Nikon instead of Pentax! Luckily i had the M-135f3.5 & M-200f4 which where K mount.

    Can you name the Flowers? K100D + M-200 except for the violet




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    Very nice! Especially like the first one.

    Thanks for sharing. BTW, you from Shen Zen? Nice to see someone from mainland China visiting this forum too

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    thanks fengwei, i'm getting the hang of using Manual Focus Lens since i've gotten the Pentax, it's easier to focus than my previous Nikon & Minolta. BTW i'm from Philippines bu working here in Shenzen, china.

    Here's a Few more
    thanks for passing by

    name that flower

    colorful eiy

    Garden in the Garden


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