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Thread: Spyder2 Inconsistent Calibration?

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    Default Spyder2 Inconsistent Calibration?

    Is it just me... (which I hope it is), or is it the hardware that causes inconsistent calibration?

    I have been using the Spyder2 to calibrate my MBP all the while.

    Recently, I got around to doing the same to my older iBook G4 and another IBM Notebook.

    Same ambient lighting, same calibrating procedure followed, but yet the resulting colours on both the G4 and IBM differ from each other and my MBP. Perhaps most notably is the colour temperature on both the G4 and IBM appear warmer.

    What gives? Older LCD = Warmer colours despite calibration?

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    Default Re: Spyder2 Inconsistent Calibration?

    hey OT a bit

    just checking, i also intending to get the Spyder2 to cal my IBM laptop.

    Which laptop size and resolution are you using?

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    Default Re: Spyder2 Inconsistent Calibration?

    My ibm laptop too produce warmer colors compared to my acer...i tink the ibm LCD is not as bright as my acer which may be the reason its warmer


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