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Thread: How to tell someone that he/she is dying soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silence Sky View Post
    This is going to be a downhearted subject. But I feel it is necessary to talk about this topic, because most of us will be thrown this situation one day. When that happens, most of us will be caught off guard and make flawed decisions that we will regret for life.

    For example, someone very dear has contacted terminal illness and the days are numbered. Would you be very frank and tell the patient about the prognosis?

    Because, the life belongs to the patient and he/she has every right to live the remaining days the way he/she wants.
    When you tell, you will feel better because you have discharge the burden of making decisions for the patientís life. On the other hand, you have pronounced death sentence to the patient who has been fighting so hard and bravely to stay alive. The dear one has to bear the burden now when you decided to put it down.

    You have decided to bear the burden and pain, you will make his/her remaining days the most memorable and enjoyable. Hope is the only motivation for the terminally ill, and you have kept that hope alive.
    But, you risk him/her leaving you without last words.
    You do not know exactly what he/she wants for the remaining days.

    Which is the best approach you would chose?
    Being caught between the devil & the deep blue sea eh?

    Its best that u break the ice about it for the person to know. No doubt that there will be a period of time where the person would be extremely distressed knowing that his lifespan's probably just as long as the hourglass, do everything u can in ur power to ensure that the person's limited lifespan's as comfortable as possible. Talk to 'em. Assure the person that everything's going to be fine. Whatever the person wants, juz try ur best to fulfill it. Ignore & shut out all other distractions aside, as well as kick all potential troublemakers out. Have faith in the good doctor. Trust in the doctor and holding onto a small thread of hope (no doubt vanishing. We ain't immortals) is something that everyone shld be holding.

    Several recent incidents over the past 2yrs made me rethink about the lifespan of a human. From sudden to gradual departures. More oft than not, we all fret at the end of another's lifespan about 'what do the person really want'. I guess it boils down to a universal denominator - that one wants everything to be in order for their loved ones so that he can leave without a problem.

    We are all living on borrowed time. Terminal illnesses, terminal disease... all these serves to remind us that we are not immortal.

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    Default Re: How to tell someone that he/she is dying soon.

    the truth may hurt, but denying the truth of the situation will hurt more.

    live life to the fullest, more so if time is not not ur side!

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    put it another way. if someone was told they had 6 months to live, sure they would be upset.
    some people would be resigned and just be sad till the day they died. but no doubt there are also others, who would strive to enjoy every minute of their last days on earth and make the most of it. do things they have always wanted to do etc.

    whos to say whether your friend may or may not fall in this last category. to not tell that person, would be to deprive them completely of such an opportunity because if and WHEN they do find out it may well be too late.

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