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Thread: Panning shoot lover @ Bukit Panjang

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    Dear all CSers,

    I do have a group of ppl (CSers as well) staying nearby and we almost gather together on weekend (2-3 times a month, depend on schedule). But our main activity is Playing RC Car. Some of us are photographers as well. For me RC car & Photography is just my hobby and i am not professional.

    Some of my friends (CSer too), is very good in photography. For who are interested in taking panning shoot of the RC Car, you may join us. This saturday 31 March, we have the gathering at the Lorry Car park nearby Sheng Siong Supermarket. The Engine Sound will guide the way if you are nearby.

    You are all welcome to have fun with us as well. Nothing much just to share with you all.

    Your reference:

    Thank you & Cheers.

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    Default Re: Panning shoot lover @ Bukit Panjang

    What time will the gathering be?

    It looks like a great place to socialise CSers in B.Panjang.

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    This saturday we will be playing at ard 2:30 or 3pm.....if the sky is blue n clear....we will be there...... please refer to the thread mentioned under Kopitiam for updates.........



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