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Thread: Lightning @ NUS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt View Post
    3) An insulator is an insulator, a conductor is a conductor... nothing that can convert an insulator as a conductor... unless the force overcomes it which burns it along its path... which is another story altogether... still... the insulator is insulator... conductor is conductor...
    Apparently you haven't heard of dielectric breakdown? An insulator and a conductor differs only by the energy required to overcome the potential barrier. Simplistically speaking, a semiconductor is something in between, depending on the state, it can be insulating or conducting.. Without that, you won't be posting in CS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawaiisg View Post
    errr so what does that clip let me see, people that actually get struck are smoking, burnt, and other things. these guys, none of that why? hmmm, i saw a flash that generates heat and will scare the crap out of you...but no bolt hitting anything. where on the field did the lightning strike? i dun see any mark? or maybe was it an overhead strike that the lightning suppression systems built in stadiums and light poles intercepted but was still close enough to scare these guys and give them a headache, perhaps minor burns or hot air that they breathed in that can hurt their lungs or cause other internal discomfort?

    i've seen a lot of heavy high voltage explosions and although none ever hit me direct, it took some time for me to shake it off just because i was close to it and it scares the sh*t out of you. I would even sit out for a bit wondering if i was okay...just like these guys. so i could imagine how a much stronger lightning flash would be. maybe a stray did hit the field or the player, then again maybe not, i saw nothing conclusive either way. regardless, i apologize for saying this, but i think you really should stop giving people false info bro because your theories literally are standing on only leg.

    life is an experience that does not only come from a book
    Satay16 is also not wrong but that is only for the condition that the current flows on the surface of the ground. Usually earthing points are connected to a rod which is rammed into the water table of the earth. That's where the lightining current wants to go. If there is a shorter path (less resistive) there, then the current will try to flow that way down.

    When a lightning hits the ground, there is already a very large voltage drop across the air because ground resistance is much much lower than the resistance in the air. Unless the ground is really dry and only the top surface is wet and that surface is the lowest resistance path for the lightning current to sink into the water table, then the ground current should not be too high because it should be distrrbuted.

    Unless you're so suay that that's the lowest resistance path for the lightning current to go into the water table and you're standing in the midst of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by satay16 View Post
    yes. i admitted my mistake it the post above yours.

    *woah, you come CS only posting kopitiam only ah? *
    Sorry, I post right after I read page 3 and didn't see page 4.

    My photo skills not good enough to give comments. So would rather just read and soak up knowledge.

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    Did u do something bad recently, this must be some kind of warning. How come others dont get it?
    Quote Originally Posted by mojopy View Post
    Got the shockest shock in my life...
    Was walking to YIH from CFA studio area (for those who noe the campus well)
    at about 1.45pm with my friend.
    Kinda opened aired with a few short buildings and trees around.
    along the way we saw the first lightning and then a few seconds later thunder...
    din think much about this though we could hear the discharging sound of the lightning.

    Suddenly when we were near the CFA studio building a lightning split to two and struck some distance in front of us (i believe) and thunder was simultaneous with the lightning strike.

    anyone got a similar experience?

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    nothing bad i've done.
    maybe it just so happened that we were in the "correct" direction.
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