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Thread: Yashica Fx-3 Super 2000 Worth ?

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    Default Yashica Fx-3 Super 2000 Worth ?

    Just got a Yashica FX3 Super 2000 SLR Camera (Contax Mount) from relative who wanted to sell it away as not been used anymore. How much can it fetch ? How to test whether it is still working ? Shutter still works, so have to buy film and try ? Know NUTs abt film camera..

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    Default Re: Yashica Fx-3 Super 2000 Worth ?

    it's a nice little, fully manual, film SLR. you have the 2000 model which has shutter speeds upto 1/2000. (FX-3 model has max shutter speed of 1/1000)

    only way to test it would be to put in a roll of film and shoot. The camera is fully manual, i.e. you set aperture and shutter speeds. it does have a meter, centre weighted (i think), which gives you and indication of your exposure. it's been a while since i've used mine so i can't recall what the display was on the view finder (whether it was over and under lights or shutter speeds.)

    good thing about this camera is that it can use contax mount lenses (if one can afford them).

    a decent body will fetch about $100 - $150 (last i checked, which was a couple of years ago)
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