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    I have 2 motorcycles and I'm interested in mounting my point and shoot which can take live footage, my Minolta Maxxum 7D which can be set to take a picture every 30 seconds for 240 pictures, and a small camcorder with a 30gb hard drive built in. Both of my bikes have a 1" thick handlebar and one of them has a windshield but the other doesn't. I realize that if I mount a camera without a windshield I will need some sought of filter to protect the lens. My question is does anyone out there know of such a place where I can find a camera mount to fit my 1" handlebars. They all have the standard tripod mount socket. Thanks in advance.

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    ehh....won't the vibration from the motorbike cause all your shots to be blur?

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    could try the gorillapod.

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    mount it on your crash helmet - to avoid vibrations/shock.
    using either strapping, or drilling holes for screws.
    I suggest strapping to avoid compromising your helmet's strength.

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    Just too many methods to have. I had one many many years back.

    Why bother about vibrations since you are already on the move? You should be more worried about getting consistency on the road ahead on screen.

    This one is easy as abc to make.

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