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Thread: Cheaper camera in Japan??

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    Default Cheaper camera in Japan??

    was asking one friend in Japan and i notice the camera is about 30% cheaper as compared to here in Singapore.... however it appears they do not have any international warranty... wondering if anyone actually buy it from Japan?? If so, what other things needs to be watch out for.... Thanks....

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    Default Re: Cheaper camera in Japan??

    Is it? then I wonder why Japanese tourists buy Japanese products in Singapore.....

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    Yes. It is very much cheaper - easily by at least 15% to 25% if not more. I returned from Japan in January and came back with a Panasonic LX2 and Casio Z70. Bought them, after conversion, for about $570 and $325 respectively. But I note that CF, SD cards are expensive and Spore is way cheaper.

    Most cameras come with Japanese warranty although some, like the Casio I bought, comes with an international warranty. Besides warranty, when buying cam in Japan, also look out for in-cam menu and ensure there is an english option; and also english instruction manual that can be downloaded from the web. Bargaining - you will be surprised (like I was) that you can bargain and get very good discount from some shops. Check out yodobashi in Shinjuku (the main one) with a wide selection that compares very well with B&H in New York (which I have been also). Show the japanese salesman your passport and you save another 5% sales tax.


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    its different in every country... my fren from malaysia told me that the camera d80 could be purchased @ half of Singapore'S prise.. i think all countrie have different prices


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